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Aceline has been specially developed and manufactured to meet the highest standards required for towlines. Available in 2 different thicknesses on reels 310m long suitable for F3J / Open contest hand towing or electric winch.


There is no need to soak Aceline in water but if you do you must keep the line wet in storage. If allowed to dry out it may become less resistant to snapping.

When using it on a winch ensure it winds onto the drum evenly. If the line crosses itself and high tension is applied during the launch it will damage the line and increase the chance of a break.

Always use either kevlar sleeve or other types of sleeving when tying knots to the parachute and areas where it may get caught on ground stakes.

If looked after and used correctly on a winch, Aceline will last extremelly well.

Length 310m
Diameter: 1.28mm, 1.38mm
1.28mm Max N 830
1.38mm Max N 930

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