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Futaba S3150, S3155, S3171 SB, and S3172 SV Servo Frame with Bearing

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Futaba S3150, S3155, S3171 SB, and S3172 SV Servo Frame with Bearing

The servo frame is as thin as the servo itself and keeps it precisely in position. The frame is fixed in the wing with epoxy while two screws hold the servo in the frame. Two fitting pieces connect servo and frame.

The system makes linkages possible which are free from play but it also allows to replace a damaged servo within seconds.

The frame comes with an integrated support bearing ruducing surface control slop to a minimum and extending the life of the servo and gears.

The frames are universal and can be installed on the left or on the right side of the wing, as required.

The pack contains
2 Servo Frames complete with bearings and fittings

Technical Data:

Outer dimensions: 56,5 x 53,4 x 11,2 millimeter
Weight: ca. 8 grams

The following servos fit our frame
Robbe / Futaba S 3150, S 3155, S 3171 SB, and S 3172 SV

**These frames will fit into the Xplorer with slight mod. See Building Tips tab**

To fit these frames into the Xplorer you may have to carry out some alteration to the frame and servo openings.

First sand off the very outer lip of the frame all the way round. Then make two small openings in the recesses lip of the servo well (see photo).

The frame should then slide in.

Xplorer servo well Modification for Servo Mounts with Bearings

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