Arijan Hucaljijk F3J World Champion 2016 with Xplorer

by Austin Guerrier
Arijan Hucaljijk F3J World Champion 2016 with Xplorer

Arijan Hucaljijk wins the F3J World Championship 2016 flying his NAN Model Xplorer's.

2016 USA F3J World Championship Team

by Austin Guerrier

Both Senior and Junior Teams for the 2016 F3J World Championships in Slovenia have qualified using the Xplorer.

At the Team Trials the top four pilots in each category all used NAN Model Xplorer's

Congratulations to those guys and good luck at the contest.

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Picture from Bob Breaux Soaring USA

F3J European Championships 2015

by Austin Guerrier

Arijan Hucaljijk from Croatia wins the F3J European Championships 2015 flying his Xplorer F3J Models.

Congratulations to Arijan who had nearly perfect scores in the preliminary rounds and went on to win the 6 round Fly Off.

Arijan Hucaljijk, 2015 F3J European Champion

May 2014 - Radioglide 2014

by Austin Guerrier

More success for our models at Radioglide 2014.

Colin Boorman - 1st F5J Radioglide 2014 with his Shadow E


1st Place - Dave East - Shadow
2nd Place - Kevin Dart - Xplorer
3rd Place - Neil Jones - Xplorer 2
4th Place - Colin Boorman - Shadow


1st Place - Colin Boorman - Shadow E
3rd Plce - Kevin Beale - Shadow E

Full reports here

May 2013 - F3J Cup Osijek

by Austin Guerrier

Arijan Hucaljuk wins F3J Cup Osijek 2013 flying his Xplorer 2. Another great win!

Arijan Hucalijuk wins Osijek Cup 2013 with Xplorer 2

05 May 2013 - Bulgaria Cup 2013

by Austin Guerrier

Arijan Hucaljuk wins the 2013 Bulgaria Cup F3J Eurotour contest flying his Xplorer 2!

3rd Place Eser Kismir also flying the Xplorer 2. Congratulations to all the pilots.

Arijan Hucaljuk wins the Bulgarian Cup 2013

August 2012 - F3J World Championships

by Austin Guerrier

Benedikt Feigl does it again. Now 2 X World Champion in F3J with the Xplorer 2

Benedikt Feigl WC with Xplorer

August 2011 - F3J European Championships

by Austin Guerrier

Arijan Hucaljuk wins 2011 F3J European Championships flying Xplorer! 3rd Place Lionel Fournier also flying Xplorer.

Arijan Wins F3J EC 2011


02 May 2010 - Bulgaria Cup

by Austin Guerrier

Sebastian feigle wins Bulgarian Cup 2010 Eurotour Contest in Dupnitza flying Xplorer V tail models. Congratulations to him. Xplorer was 1st and 2nd Place seniors and 1st place Juniors. Pictures and detail will follow. Pictures by Nick Kidd here.

28 September 2009 - Towner Trophy, UK

by Austin Guerrier

Kev Dart wins the Towner Trophy with his Xplorer, congrats. This competition is always a pleasure to fly in and many pilots use quiet old models which add to the fun. Gallery photos here from Nick Kidd.