7/8 June 2008 Euroglide, Belgium

by Austin Guerrier

A few of us attended the Eurotour F3J contest in Belgium. The weather was not good for the rounds with very low cloud base and visibility. There were about 80 pilots from all over Europe and the flying was difficult in some rounds. Top place UK pilot was Colin Paddon flying his Shadow to 11th place. 9 pilots were chosen for the fly-off, the spacing between these pilots was only 9 points. That is the lowest I have seen on any Eurotour event I have attended and shows how standards are rising even further. Frank Van Melick won the contest with his own design model, is used his own light weight fuselage and tail with an Xperience pro wing. An excellent event and an excellent job done by the organisers.

Xperience Pro

11 May 2008 40th Fact Open, UK

by Austin Guerrier

The 40th F.A.C.C.T Open was run, John Shaw deserves a medal for running this event over so many years. It was a great day with tricky conditions, most slots were flow out but many pilots found it difficult to make the full 10 mins. Nick Kid won the event flying his cross tail Shadow, this was also Nick's first win and was well deserved.

Nick Kidd winner Fact Open 2008 with Shadow Kevin Beale launches Nick's Shadow

09 September 2007 Bromley Open, UK

by Austin Guerrier

Bromley open contest. Shadows and Xperience Pro takes 1st, 3rd and 4th places! Congratulation to Colin Paddon, Kevin Dart and Graham Wicks.

25 August 2007 F3J EC

by Austin Guerrier

Xperience Pro wins the 2007 F3J European Championships! Congratulations to Sebastian Feigl, He becomes F3J European Champion flying his Xperience Pro and Shadow models!

Sebastian Feigle wins F3J EC with Xperience pro

29 July 2007

by Austin Guerrier

Congratulations to Andy Cox taking 1st place at the Tonbridge Open contest flying his Xperience Pro, second place Graham Wicks, also flying Xperience Pro models.

22 July 2007 BMFA F3J League, UK

by Austin Guerrier

Congratulations to Kevin Newitt taking 1st place at the 5th F3J UK League event flying his Xperience Pro, Second place Kevin Dart flying his Shadow.

15 July 2007 Bulgaria Cup

by Austin Guerrier

Congratulations to Philip Kolb winner of The Bulgarian Cup 2007. 1st Prize Xperience Pro F3J model!Philip Kolb receives Xperience pro first prize

June 2007 Interglide, UK

by Austin Guerrier

Colin Paddon wins Interglide F3J Eurotour 2007 flying his Xperience Pro!! More news and details on the Interglide Website. Colin collected the first prize, another Xperience Pro F3J model from sponsors NAN Model and ourselves.

Colin Paddon wins Interglide 2007 with Xperience Pro

08 April 2007 Pre season practice

by Austin Guerrier

The season has started with an F3J get together at Ashurst in Sussex, quite a few attended and the weather gave us a great day to set up our models. We also had time to give help to a few newcomers to F3J.

Kevin Beale, Colin Paddon and Andy Cox with Xperience Pro's

27 July - 06 August 2006 5th F3J WC

by Austin Guerrier

Xperience Pro takes second place in both Senior and Junior Championships, well done to Sebastian Feigl and Benedict Feigl, both flying Xperience pro.
And congratulations to the 2 times world champion David Hobby.