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A 2.4m span electric powered glider. It has excellent performance and is capable of wild aerobatics or gentle thermal soaring. Superb handling and easy to fly this model is an exciting model to fly.

The Orion has a two piece Carbon D-Box wing which is light weight but very strong. The wing profile is the same as the larger Xplorer. The fuselage is constructed using Glass/Kevlar with some Carbon reinforcement. Tail servos are mounted in the bottom of the fuselage under the wing to distribute the weight and allow room in the nose for motor, flight battery and esc.

It will accept a variety of motors up to 36mm diameter and a 3 cell Lipo will fit inside the fuselage.

The kit comes with all hardware apart from wing pushrods. It should take no more than a few evenings to have the model ready to fly.

The Orion kit includes.

  • Fully moulded composite fuselage
  • Fully moulded composite wing
  • Fully moulded composite tail
  • Full hardware pack

RC Functions

  • Two Ailerons
  • Two Flaps
  • Elevator
  • Rudder
  • Motor control
  • Wing Span: 2414mm
  • Wing Profile: NAN F3J
  • Wing Area:  44.94dm²
  • Fuselage Length: 1320mm
  • Empty Weight: 857g
  • Motor Diameter: 36mm
  • Spinner size:  38mm

Building tips for the Orion - click here

Motor Setup

With so many different combinations of motor, esc and batteries, recommendations vary on performance required. Below is a configuration that will draw approx 48 amps and have vertical climb at half throttle.

Prop: 12x6,5
Motor: Dualsky XM3542CA-5
ESC: Dualsky 40 amp with bec
Battery: Hyperion 2500 mAh 3-cell
Aileron Servos: Graupner DES 448, (ailerons require 9 -9.5mm thick servos)
Flap servos: Graupner DES 448
Fuselage Servos: Graupner DES 488 (Rudder) Graupner DES 587 (Elevator)

Model Setup

Ailerons: up 18 mm, down 9 mm
Rudder: right/left 18 mm
Elevator: up 11 mm, down 9 mm (Elevator neutral point 78 mm measured from bottom of fuselage to   trailing edge)
Butterfly braking: flaps down 0-43 mm, ailerons up 0-12 mm, elevator down 0-6 mm.
Soaring: ailerons and flaps down 5 mm, elevator down 2 mm.
Speed: ailerons and flaps up 3 mm, elevator up 1 mm.
Centre of Gravity 106-108 mm from leading edge, use test flights to find best place.

This model is just a joy to own and fly. It is very nice handling and with 2-3mm thermal flap it floats like a DLG. It is still quite fast with a clean wing and it penetrates well against the wind. Fit and finish is good. The lay-up is on the light side, but carbon D-box helps against landing damage. A nice addition to my F3F and F3K models.


-ARC 3600kv motor (110g motor only) with Kontronic 5:1 gear and 14x10 prop on a 5 degree yoke.
- CC Ice Lite 100A ESC
- Hyperion ds 09amd servos on alierons.
-Hyperion ds 095amd on flaps.
-Hitec HS-65mg on rudder and a Futaba 3150 on elevator.
-Powered by a Hyperion 45c 3S 2600mah lipo.

This model is great value for the money.
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