Xplorer 2 F5J

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Xplorer 2 F5J

This model has been designed especially for F5J or any other type of electric glider contest. A new slimmer fuselage design has further reduced drag and weight with servos now positioned under the wing seat and a removable nose. A massive weight saving has been made by reducing the amount of materials used to construct the model. Because of this the model is suitable for F5J and electric flying only and parts must not be interchanged and used with F3J or any models launched with tow-lines or bungees.

It has a wing span of 3.8m which has proven the best in overall performance in all conditions. The empty airframe with all parts and accessories weighs ~880g. Flying weight depending on battery will be ~ 1480g. NAN Model have produced a fantastic new light weight F5J contest model that will no doubt go on to win many contests in the right hands.

The Xplorer 2 F5J kit includes;

  • Fully moulded carbon fuselage
  • Fully moulded carbon wing
  • Fully moulded composite carbon tail and fin
  • Full hardware pack

Full review and build help here

  • Wing Span: 3800mm
  • Wing Profile: NAN F3J
  • Wing Area: 81.5dm²
  • Tail Area: 8.8dm²
  • Fuselage Length: 1550mm
  • Empty Weight: ~ 880g
  • Motor/Gearbox Size: Max 27mm
Went out this morning for the first test flights, it was a calm day the wind around 8 – 10 mph.

Model set up exactly as the spec sheet and the C/G at 125.

Initial hand launch vice free, a long flat glide following a very minor elevator correction of around 150 metres!

Next I launched under power to 200 metres and a 26minute flight followed, only light patchy lift but the model made it easy to locate.

Tried long sweeping turns and flew as though on rails, then very tight turns were performed without and undue nose dropping and unlike my Pike Perfect not a hint of a tip stall.

The only adjustment required was an increase of down elevator when crow braking.

All in all brilliant
This new F5J version is fantastic, Came out at 1480g flying and construction is much improved with the all carbon wing. Excellent service from Acemodel.
Unbeatable in light to medium conditions. Superb handling and surprisingly easy to fly. Recommended.
I was surprised now tough the model is considering its weight. The finish and fit of the parts are excellent. I look forward to flying it in F5J contests. It would be even better with a ballast tube fitted but I managed to fit one myself.
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